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Thank you for checking out my Artwork!


Who am I...

I'm an Artist living in NY with my husband & son. 

I studied Art, focusing on illustration & painting & earned a

Bachelors in Fine Art in 2008. 

I was always drawn to the beauty of nature.

The textures, the patterns, the colors.

The way sunlight illuminates everything it touches.

The endless sea of stars & rainbow galaxies.

I also found myself drawn to the female figure.  The soft skin, the arches & curves, the beauty of pure femininity.

I love capturing what I see, filtering it through my mind, & bringing it to life with paint.

I am on this journey in life, finding my Art-voice while finding myself.

I am currently focused on exploring

Positivity & Self-Love!

My goal is for people to feel calm, happy & inspired when they see my Art.

I paint for my soul.



IG: ZenArtbyJess  |

Thanks for your interest!

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